Cbay pictorial

Here are the photos you missed while the camera was being lost and found:

This is the only photo taken on the infamous bad weather ride to Pensacola. It would have been more colorful if not for the driving rain.

Viking Sportfisher parked next to is at Palafox Marina in Pensacola. Approximately 65 feet and two million plus.

Global 1200 is a pipe laying ship for the oil rigs parked on the other side. This is just the bridge with helipad on top. About two football fields long with booms on the front. Here is the front.

Pensacola was founded by Spain and occupied until President James Monroe sent Andy Jackson down to clean out the Creek Nation. When he finished, Monroe told him if anything else needed taking care of while he was down that way with an army to go ahead and do it. So Jackson marched down to Pensacola and threw threw the Spanish out. That was the last we saw of them until recently and now they are back with a vengence.

The next day we went to the National Naval Aviation Museum a must see for everyone.

Here is a replica of the very first military airplane.

This is the actual trainer that George H.W. Bush first soloed in while becoming a Navy pilot.

Here is an old white haired man dreaming of what might have been.

The same man as President and his First Lady exiting Marine One.

President George W. Bush flew second seat in this one when he landed on the carrier and stood in front of the Mission Accomplished banner. A great day marred by those who would not recognize leadership if it bit them on the nose.

His father flew second seat and landed on the Lexington, an event less controversial. They have that plane also.

The very first fighter jet built by the Germans in WWII. They were miles ahead of us in technology and that is why we rounded up as many as we could and brought them to the US to start our space program. My father, who won 3 bronze stars in WWII often said that if Hitler had not decided to attack the Russians on the Eastern Front we would all be speaking German today.

This is home base for the fabulous Blue Angels. They practice right behind the museum.

The Samways deliver the lost camera to Bluewater Bay. Will we ever see Muddy Waters again?

Our new GLOMEX TV antenna. I actually climbed up there and put that thing on. Now we have TV even at anchor and all for $134 and a life risking bit of acrobatics. Maybe I am not so white haired after all.

A view of Bluewater Bay.

Lastly here is what the Walmart is coming to. At least they have a separate entrance. That lady should be ashamed of herself. She looks familiar.