World’s shortest yard sale

Today I checked off one of my life’s bucket list items. Years ago I read about the World’s Longest Yard Sale which takes place on Hwy 411 from GA to AL to TN and ends somewhere in KY. I had wanted to shop the sale but Jan said we already had enough junk and she was right. So today when we were loading up to go to LGYC, I added in a few items from the garage which included 2 captain’s chairs on pedestals, a twelve gallon auxiliary gas tank and 2 deck chairs that were just taking up space in the garage. 

When we got to a small town in Alabama I pulled into a crowded lot, parked the van and hauled out my 4 chairs. Jan said that I never would sell anything. Well, I stuck a price tag on each and sat down at 1:25pm CST. At 1:40pm CST I had sold out and we were on our way to Guntersville. That was our participation by setting a record for the World’s Shortest Sale in the World’s Longest Yard Sale! Maybe Guinness will be calling us. One fellow who watched all this said, “I’ll bet you must be a salesman.” I told him in a manner of speaking I was. Of couse none of my customers could ever refuse my offers and many of them were in handcuffs at the time.

We arrived at the boat to good news. The bilge was bone dry so the repair was seemingly successful. Still we will keep an eye on it for awhile. With boats one can never let their guard down.

Oh, the twelve gallon gas tank I gave to my friend Tommy Gray who has more room to collect junk than I do. Tomorrow we change the oil in the engines and generator. I bought 33 quarts of oil at the Walmart this evening. This must be done about every 100 hours of operation. There is nothing easy or cheap about a boat.