Two leaks no waiting

This morning at 0830 CST we drove into the sling at Angler Marine once again and hauled the boat out to look for the leak that developed last week when we pressure washed the hull. It did not take long to confirm my suspicion that it was the bolts that hold the large zinc on the transom. I should be able to download a picture of this soon. 

We rebedded (sealed) both bolts and put it back together. I say we because this time I was there every minute and assisted when I could. Angler Marine was very professional and efficient. Within 45 minutes the job was complete. Then we had to wait until 1530 to splash the boat so the sealant had time to set. Jan had packed a lunch this time and we sat and watched paint dry.

There are so many fine folks here and everyone was stopping by to chat. You can pick up a great deal of information this way. NOTE: Little did we know that one of the couples we met on 20BUCK$ would in a month or so would become our regular traveling companions.

After the boat was back in the water we decided to stay one more night to rest and see if the leak was truly sealed. I water vacuumed the bilge to remove any residual water and tomorrow morning will tell the tale.

We went to dinner at The Docks on premises with three other looper couples and shared much information that should benefit us. I told a few tall tales as part of the dinner entertainment. I pray our Cbay will be ready to set out early in the morning as we have much to do at home in final countdown for The Loop.