Return to Pebble Isle and old friends…

This morning we really hated to leave Kenlake State Park Marina. The people were nice and friendly, the scenery was fabulous and it was a place we could stay for an extended time. But we have obligations back home and we must keep moving.

The sky is blue and it is going to be a hot one. We are expecting 88 degrees but intend to be tied up before then. Our destination is Pebble Isle Marina. We have not stayed here before but we did use it as a Trixie stop on our way down. The big fella who worked the fuel dock had been super nice and we wanted to try it out.

It was a typical day on the river with sights to see. We approached Pebble Isle with anticipation of plugging up to power and turning on the AC. We did not expect to find old Looper friends. But there on the dock was a familiar sight. It was a Krogen Express named “Easy Waters” whose home port was Fairbanks, Alaska! An Alaska boat in Tennessee? Yes, the owners are Skip and Karen. They are Gold Loopers who shipped this boat from the west coast on a cargo ship and brought it to Florence, AL. While on the Loop they found that Florence was a great place so they bought a condo. Now they spend six months in Alaska and six months in Florence or on the water. They have a family owned business in Alaska where they run an excursion passenger boat for tourists and rent boats for sightseeing and fishing. Their children run the business but Mom and Dad keep a close eye on things flying back when necessary. We will try to visit them when we make our Alska trip. Karen had just flown into Paducah and Skip had single handed his behemoth to pick her up. The Krogen Express is 52 feet and twin engines, big engines. It will actually run on plane but you had better take a second mortgage for fuel at that speed. Mostly they ease along like us. The Krogen family had a divergence of opinion after the old man died. I think a brother and sister wanted to continue to build the Kady Krogen trawler like Steve used to own. Another brother wanted to build faster and sleeker boats. So they split and Krogen Express was started. It is a beautiful boat and is not cheap.

After renewing aquaintances we borrowed the courtesy van and went exploring for a hardware store and restaurants for the evening. One thing I must comment upon. This area is famous for the Civil War exploits of Confederate Calvalry officer Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was right up there with Lee and Jackson in tactics. He required that all his troopers have a brace of six pistols, a saber and carbine. This made for tremendous firepower in an assault. He won a great many engagements. After the war there was some rumor of him being involved in the KKK. Now the marina is located adjacent to a State Park. It is a beautiful park and the site of a great victory for the South. This park until recently was the Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. Now it is suddenly the Johnsonville State Park with hardly a mention of the General. Political correctness subverting actual history. It won’t be too long after I am gone before the future generations will have no knowledge of the truth of history. it will all be sanitized. But I will be gone so who cares.

We found the hardware store but not what we wanted. We found several restaurants. Tonight we would go as a group of five and have an excellent American/Mexican meal second to none.