Blue Moon over Tennessee…

Yes I know it should be over Kentucky but we will not be there until Saturday at the earliest. We will be at the Blue Moon sooner though.

Today we bid farewell to one of our nicer stops at Cedar Creek Yacht Club. Wish I had filled up as the diesel was only $1.99 a gallon and we will not see that again until we get home. When I eventually fill up in Clarksville it will likely be $2.88. That means I lose $89 on every 100 gallons. How did I allow this to happen?

Homes of thr stars on Old Hickory Lake.

We passed through Old Hickory Lock again and Skeeter was not working today. It was John. He was nice but not as entertaining as Skeeter was on the way up. If we had been 30 minutes later we would have had at least a two hour wait for barges. I called early this morning to make sure our timing would be right. The locks have a system that allows them to piggyback off the next lock’s system and so forth. This allows them to see all the way to Paducah, KY where the river ends. So we hustled and beat them to the lock. As Dr Bell says, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.”

Downtown Nashville was dead when we went through but this will change when CMA hits town in a few days.

Many bridges of Nashville.

How does an old man get to his boat dock and back up? He builds a railway!

There were two tragedies today. An Air ForceThunderbird crashed in Colorado while doing a flyover for the Academy graduation. Obama was speaking there at the time. Can’t blame this on him though. Then a Navy Marine Blue Angel practicing for the Smyrna Air Show crashed and the pilot, a Marine, was lost because he was too low to eject and I think he was trying to avoid civilian casualties so he rode it in. Brave men for sure. I certainly hope this does not provide an excuse to end these performances. This administration has rumbled about it in the past but it is a great recruiting tool.

Tied up at Rock Harbor Marina.

The famous Blue Moon. Jan is in the pink.

We pulled in at Rock HarborMarina where Steve had stayed when we first got to Nashville. It is an old rock quarry that was beside the river when it played out. Someone came up with the idea to blast a channel to the river and flood it. Makes a great harbor, so deep it will never silt in except for the entrance. It is well equipped and has the famous Blue Moon Restaurant where we will eat supper.

Paddle boarding is big here and for some reason they have a store on premises dedicated to sell whatever the hobbiest needs. We did not need anything but Steve may take it up when we get home. Our daughter Karen and grandson Lucas tried it when we were docked in Chattanooga and took right to it. Karen was especially good. My balance is bad enough on dry land.

Tonight I actually posted the first blog written on 5/20. But first I watched several videos on the new posting system. It was too much to absorb in one sitting so I resorted to another method which required that I retype the entire thing. As slow as I am you may get the final blog by the 4th of July!