Old Hickory said we’d take em by surprise…

One of my favorite songs as a child was “Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton. It told the story of General Andrew Jackson running the British out of New Orleans during the War of 1812. His troops nicknamed him “Old Hickory” because he would bend but not break. Today we went through the Old Hickory Lock into Old Hickory Lake.

It was bittersweet leaving Nashville but the docks are all reserved for the CMA Awards next week and we have to go a little further upriver before heading home. The ride was smooth and we passed the burned ruins of the Johnny Cash Estate. No telling how many other country western stars have homes along the shore but there are some nice ones.

All that remains of a once noble home.

Arrival at our destination, Cedar Creek Yacht Club was such a nice surprise. It is a huge facility with every amenity. The staff was so helpful and we are docked right in front of the pool. They have a clubhouse second to none, a bar and restaurant, tennis courts and a lakeside chapel that they rent out for weddings and funerals. They even have a tornedo shelter. All this for us!

Steve grilled two marinated pork tenderloins that Jan prepared and we would eat in our dining room aboard Little Funhouse with baked sweet potatoes and a Waldorf salad. Life is very, very good except for the storm. Jan and Trixie were napping and Steve and I had performed some chores. Such a storm as one rarely experiences on a boat. Thunder, lightening, rain blowing sideways and pea sized hail. The wind was clocked as gusting up to 60 mph! Gave the boats a good wash. We were worried it would break a line on a boat but we were well tied. When Jan got up she could not understand why the cockpit was soaked. Because we were too scared to go out and close the canvas.

A nice evening. Wish I could turn those photos.