Nashville pigs-Rooters-N-Tooters…

A message from the Admiral: Jan asked that I tell the readers why they are receiving posts that are backdated and not in real time in case someone has just dropped in. If you already know just skip this paragraph. When I started blogging again on this trip, I discovered that my service had greatly changed since my last blog. In many ways it was much improved but to me it was all Greek. So I had a steep learning curve which gets harder with each passing year. Also this trip was through a relative wilderness compared to the Great Loop. Most places we stayed had NO WIFI while a few who did have it provided a signal so weak that I could not upload photos and many were so undependable that I would write for an hour and the screen would blink and all would be lost. By the time I learned to hit SAVE after each paragraph I had lost so much work that I was discouraged. When we did the Loop I spent the money to buy and maintain a portable WIFI hotspot which mostly gave reliable service. Now it resides on a shelf at home. Now you know what is happening. I assure you that all of the blogs for this trip were originally written contemporaneously on the dates indicated. This was done on an iphone using Notes. At least that way I saved the ideas. Now I am going back with home WIFI and retyping and adding photos. I do admit to some editing for clarity as I go. Please continue to enjoy.

Pigs is not a comment on the population but a recognition that pigs were being barbequed in mass just above our boat. It was a National BBQ Cookoff. 

No, this is not a pig. She eats pigs.

Let me set the stage because I will be referring to the layout often. We are docked on the East side of the river at the base of the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge. It is a beautiful solid dock and fairly secure. The gate requires a different code to enter and exit. Directly above us is some sort of public venue where they have all sorts of events. A wedding was in progress when we arrived. Behind that building is a huge parking lot for the Tennessee Titans Football Team. The grounds are immaculate all around and Trixie has grass everywhere. It is very well lit at night but I still like to watch Jan when she walks Trixie. There is an enormous sculpture next to the boat dock. On the other side of the west bank of the the bridge is a huge park with wadding pools for kids and an amphitheater where a music festival was going on all day when we arrived. Unfortunately it was hip-hop and lost on me.

The sculpture which is reminiscent of a roller coaster.

The event building above us and in the background the NISSAN Titan Stadium open on one end due to poor attendance I was told.

Music festival next door.

Last night we packed it in early becuae we were tired and Jan was a bit queasy. Today we sort of took it easy. We wandered up to the BBQ Cookoff and I had a few samples. Participants were complaining the city did nothing to promote it and many were packing up early. It was getting hot as blazes so we opted to go inside and watch the Indianapolis 500 on TV. Yes we have TV. Not on cable but through an antenna I installed years ago up on the radar arch. Back then I did not mine swinging 19 feet over the water to drill and install the Glomex but today we might have to do without. The picture is as good as it gets.

A bit of exploring this morning revealed an elevator that would save us time and energy. Last night as we returned across the bridge I spotted a partially hidden stairway. It was four floors straight down that came out within 50 yards of the boat! When we first walked over the bridge it required a walk of a quarter mile to a set of stairs that took you to the end of the bridge on our side. Then you walk a half mile across the bridge and you are downtown. The bridge is solid people at night but uphill much of the way. Grueling. So the hidden stairs were a blessing getting queasy Jan and crippled Rusty home but it would be a chore to climb them to get back up. That is when I saw people riding a small glass elevator across from the stairs! Who knew? Now we had it made. Elevator up, walk a quarter mile across and done. Who knows, I may find a transporter beam tomorrow that will take us over in a flash. 

Who would guess that the International GAY Soccer Games would be in town while we are? Teams seem focused on drawing blood by day and drinking beer by night. The teams rent these portable bars and ride around drinking and singing rowdy and ribald songs. Some people think the people pedaling are somehow powering the vehicle but it is just for show. A small gasoline engine does it.

It was after ice cream last night that Jan felt ill so I never got to make a return visit.

The stadium at night.

The General Jackson makes her last run of the evening on calm waters. Just beautiful. Right outside our window.

In the evening we crossed the bridge using the elevator. It closes at midnight but does not affect us. We strolled down to Broadway which is Music Row. Unfortunately we are not fans of much of today’s music and even Nashville has succumbed to many forms other than country western and the blues that made the city. Got to cater to the kids. They are filling up the bars, not senior citizens. So we just people watched and ended up eating at Luigi’s City Pizza which is an institution here. Delicious and two slices left for breakfast!

The river outside is calm as glass tonight and we head for the boat. So far no Steve because no taxi will pick him up. He is getting antsy and will soon be joining us.