The sun will come out tomorrow…

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You can bet your bottom dollar… A lucky break for us. We awoke to fair weather and set off by 0800. The river was full of trash and I mean really big stuff. It was dodgeball all day. There were a number of tows to deal with but it was all better than yesterday.

Hit one of these with a prop and you have serious trouble.

I forgot this photo yesterday. It is the radar screen with rain clutter covering it up. I can quiickly fillter this out to get a real picture of what is around us but wanted you to see how thick it was.

The generator had run all night because of the poor power situation at Bumpus Marina. It performed well and makes me confident that there were no issues other than the starter. Famous last words. I will ship the old starter back to be rebuilt and always have a spare.

Our arrival at Clarksville was a bit dicey in that no-one answered the radio or phone at first. Eventually we received instructions to dock.

That evening we walked in the rain over to the Liberty Park Grill for dinner. A lady was walking by our table with a small child in her arms as we were eating our cheese dip appetizer. The child began throwing up next to our table. Bon appetit.