Life is good in gay Paree…

From Mermaid we pull out into the river and turn our bow toward Paris Landing State Park. It will be in KY and they know how to run a park. The marina is top flight and the Lodge is a beautiful place to eat. A US Coast Guard station is located in the same harbor.

Because the glassine windows get dirty, I have a lady come in once a week and clean them while underway. 

Steve and Jan enjoy the catfish.

We got a ranger to give us a ride up to the Lodge for dinner. It was buffet or order from the menu. The buffet must have been good because a number of people showed up to test that “all you can eat” sign.

We wisely ordered catfish baskets from the menu and it was all we could eat. After dinner Steve bought a cudgel to use for protection on his boat!

Steve and his cudgel. He will find need of it on this trip.

We took a pickup truck back to the marina. Jan got to ride up front.