Rolling on the river…

On Thursday we pulled out of Hoppies famous barge marina and took a half day ride down to Kaskaskia Lock.

We stumbled across this castle and have no idea whose it is. Then later we saw a mystery boat coming toward us through the mist. It was the American Queen! They were taking pictures of us as we were shooting them.

There is a Federal Corp of Engineers lock located just off the Mississippi on the Kaskaskia River. A fully manned lock on a river no-one seems to use much. Only 3 jet skis and bass boat went through the whole time we were there. But they do allow Loopers to tie up at their lock overnight so here we took refuge with 4 other boats. There were already several work barges there so we were told to just tie to them. No problem.

We had dinner aboard Native Son. Merry Kay and Rich prepared grilled BBQ chicken, baked sweet potatoes and squash casserole with homemade key lime pie for dessert. We are living large.

The plan for Friday was to leave at the crack of dawn and we actually left a bit earlier as you can see by the picture.

The only exciting thing in 134 miles was passing by Rush Limbaugh’s hometown while listening to El Rushbo on the radio.

It was to be the longest day of the entire loop. 117.5 miles from Kaskaskia to the mouth of the Ohio River and then another 17 miles up the Ohio against the current to anchor near Olmsted Lock which is under construction. That was one hard day of dodging barges and boring scenery but we made it and anchored in a construction site just as night fell. If they try to run us off they had better have a gun because it is pitch dark and we have no other place to safely go. So wish us luck and tomorrow we head for Green Turtle Bay.