If you can’t beat them, join them…

Yes it has finally happened. After numerous encounters with tows during this trip we decided to just throw in the towel and go to work for Logsdon Towing Company. Above we are seen on our first assignment pushing a barge loaded with shelled corn. It is rough work but the pay is good.

Because of her excellent piloting skills Jan got an immediate promotion and she is now driving the big tows while I am relegated to barge deck duty. Nothing ever changes.

And now for a montage of pictures and snippets to let you see some of the variety of scenes we have recently encountered.

Here is a lock door opening just a bit too close for comfort.

A dredge was working the river and a small push boat had to lead us through the twisting route outside the channel. The Captain said you stick close to me and do exactly what I do or you will run aground. We were on him like a June bug on a fig.

Remember those jumping. Carp? Well if you thought I was making it all up just look at these amazing photos.

And if you do not think these things can jump that flag is 14 feet above the water at the bottom seam!