Going for the gold…

On Saturday we left Port Washington and accompanied our friends Dean and Beth Jones and the African Grey parrot Ziggy on our last leg together to their home port of Racine. It was the closing of their loop and we broke out a bottle of champagne we had been saving. We celebrated their accomplishment with their friends on the dock at Reef Point Marina. It was bittersweet as we hate to lose them as traveling companions but soon we will be back on our own.

Now a word about our website as I feel you are owed some explanation. We have been having trouble uploading photos. About the time I became proficient in using the old software, my service provider decided to update their software and caught me by surprise in the middle of loading photos. This coupled with the fact that I had been loading all the photos up to this time in one giant folder, while the newer system is designed to use limited size folders, seemed to create a logjam that caused my site to become unresponsive. It was no-one’s fault really, just a cascade of coincidences that needed experts to unravel. Ken Williams, the president of Talkspot.com was quick to respond and put a group of computer guys and engineers at my disposal. I have had email and phone conferences with Cooper who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. They have engineered a special fix just for my site and computer and hopefully we will be running on all cylinders soon. Other friends who have had problems with their websites with other providers cannot believe the amount of customer service I am receiving when they cannot even talk to a live person. I tell them Talkspot.com wants my business and will accept theirs too.

Welfare ducks came to the boat for a meal. Notice the runt in front with a crippled left foot. His brothers and sisters constantly peck at his bad leg making it worse. I could have wrung their necks. I hope he grows up and beats them all within an inch of their lives but his chances are slim.

The cutest face you ever saw.

Anyway I wanted you to know I have not abandoned you and will try to catch up during our days in Chicago when we are not seeing the sights.

The end.