Slow day in Petoskey…

Well we have had some major interest in our latest mystery animal and I had high hopes it would generate interest. There were several guesses at wolverine and badger. The most researched and imaginative guess was from our last contest winner Amy Moon. She guessed a fisher which is a relative of the martin or weasel and that would have been my guess too. But alas all were fooled because you have never seen this particular creature in this position before. Here is a look at him when he turned and fled.

Yes the black squirrel has made it down into Michigan and this one seemed to be putting on his winter coat early.

Did I tell you this town was pie crazy? Everywhere you go there are pies and more pies. You could gain 10 pounds a week here so we have got to go, but not before trying a few of them.

The results are in on my Petoskey Stones. Not a single one was the genuine article but one rock did contain fossils and I will save it for Lizabeth’s collection. But never fear, I do have several Petoskey Stones aboard now. Some were purchased at the craft show in town and two were actually found by yours truly this afternoon when I dedicated myself to finding one or drowning. I just had to wade out into the bay and keep looking. You can see the difference between the polished and unpolished state in the photos.

Tomorrow we plan to shove off at 0630 to try and make Leland. The weather is not the best but we have waited through the worst and should be able to handle the trip without too much discomfort. Follow along on the SPOT if you like.