Looking Back and Catching Up…

I thought it might be a good time to look back on some photos I never had a chance to share and catching up on some things I meant to share. So here goes.

Ken and Pat Goewey, they are already back in the USA trying to make Minnesota for Pat’s job deadline. Who knows if we will ever meet again but they were the best and helped us many times in the early days of our loop.

A really big bulldog. They grow them like this in Canada. We could use some at UGA. That’s University of Georgia for the uninitiated.

Tara rejoins us today. She could have been a The End girl but out of respect I did not use her.

A sea monster emerged from under Cbay.

A Big Orange Tennessee fan this far north?

Taking it easy in Orillia. These are made of cast metal and are decorated by community artists.

Two sailors on shore leave.

Something fishy about this flower bed.

The Tan Man of Orillia. I never heard him called anything else. Every day he sat in the sun all day long and went in at sunset to play monopoly with his wife. He is from Norway and was born near the Arctic Circle. Never had a problem with skin cancer. Amazing!

This oriental lady had a full face sunshade as well as a sanitary mask beneath. One wonders why she ever came outside.

Chipmunks are huge up here. This one lived on the Big Chute RR.

Red and black our school colors.

Jan goes to work for the Canadian Canal System.

A mural in Midland. The city was covered in them and I wanted to take pictures for a series but was too busy repairing broken stuff.

Jan gets a cut at Vincent’s in Penetantguishene. Her stylist was Debbie. Looked much better than her last cut on the Loop. I know she will be glad to get back to our daughter Karen at LAVA Hair Salon.

More scooter people in Canada. It is a national pastime. Wonder if their healthcare system pays for them?

Bill Maley on Seabiscuit tries different shades at dinner. He was right in the line of a setting sun.

A table full of Loopers.

A handmade model of the Bounty.

A pair of bulldogs and their owner, Angelina Jolie! She would not allow me to photograph her face for publicity reasons but you can tell from the body and tatoos.

A dock dog.

Superman was here.

Attack chihuahua. I’ll bet Daisy would have given it fits.

Joe and Tara Parker demonstrate their unique dinghy retrieval method. Of course they took the motor off first.

Ever wonder what they do with all the poop up here on these rocks? Ask this guy, the Caca Hauler. He collects it!

Slaloming in a storm.

Windblown shores.

Dean enters a hoola hoop contest. He told these girls the reason he could not win was because they had bigger hoolas than he did.