Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon eh…

That’s the way we say it in Canada, eh. And that is where we went on Friday the 13th. Lucky for us there was no disaster but Jackets II believes they hit a rock pretty solid inside the channel buoys. So the rest of us actually purposefully went outside the channel to avoid it. Later when we stopped and Stephen dove under his boat it appeared that a stabilizer fin had hit something hard enough to remove paint.

Other than this incident the ride today was short and easy putting us in Bobcaygeon by 1030 so that we could see the town, resupply on any essentials and use the WIFI at the library to send and receive email and post blogs. Hope you all enjoyed the bonus section on the bridge jump. Photo credits for that series of fast shutter pictures goes to Tara Waller Parker on Seabatical. To think, I can remember when she first got started trying cases in my courtroom and now she is out here traveling through the wilds of Canada with us. Who would have ever thunk it? And now Tara is taking lessons on conch blowing from Pat. Tara says she used to play the slide trombone. Make up your own joke.

We did pickup some weeds on our props and running gear when we deviated from the channel. I was able to backwash some of it off by throwing it in reverse and gunning the throttles and then some more when we jumped up on plane for a mile or so. Still I believe more is under there and I will have to dive today or tomorrow to cut it off. The water is so nice and clear here for doing that.

Jan was able to go to the laundromat just up the street and wash all loads including bed linens at once. We appropriated a grocery cart from Foodland to haul it all to and fro. Don’t worry Alex, we returned the cart this time.

Tonight we all go out to dinner and it looks like tomorrow we make a run to Lake Simcoe. That will be tough what with weekend boaters and many locks including another exciting lift lock where we go down this time. Why don’t you all plan to come with us and watch the SPOT as we continue to cross the Canadian lakes.

Bobcaygeon to Orillia…a long way down.

Seeing that big bulldog reminds me that we have met a lot of interesting dogs in the last few days. Here is just a sample.

On 7/14/12 we set off from the beautiful downtown lock at Bobcaygeon and set our sights on Lake Simcoe. This was many locks away and through some very treacherous waters. Rocky bottoms of course but add weeds and super narrow canals where meeting another boat can mean someone has to back up.

Along the way is also the wonderful Kirkland Lift Lock. Now remember in Peterborough we went up in a pan of water which is exciting but not exactly hair-raising. But at Kirkland you drive out into a pan that at the end is just air and a five story drop. This time we go down and it is much more of a thrill. These Canadians just did all this to show they could I think. These locks are mostly out in the middle of nowhere and yet people are always there to watch the boats and talk to us. This is where we met Dave and Elfi. They were so impressed that they jumped in the car and raced to the next lock and met us again. They said they were going to do it again but they probably did not know the next lock was #40 and it has no access by vehicle. It is really isolated yet full of boaters camping and swimming.

The crew began to split up. 20BUCK$ went to a marina for an oil change off Lake Simcoe. Seabatical stopped at Lock #40 for some peace and quiet and no telling where Jackets II went. We pushed on to Orillia which required running on plane for the last hour. Went 25 mph in this clean water.

Orillia is a great little town really geared to tourists and boaters. We are going to stay three night’s here as it is buy two, get one free.

7/15/12 I checked and changed any engine zincs as needed. Two were have worn out. I cleaned the shower sump which had not been done since Norfolk. And I dove under the boat as you can see bottom here. It was nice and clean with no problems other that one tiny ding on one blade of the starboard prop and I think that happened yesterday. I believe it was a piece of wood thank goodness.

We are attending a brass band concert tonight right in the park next door. I bought some Canada folding chairs so we will fit right in. We will go with Dave and Janice from Pegasus. They pulled in yesterday after us.

Oh and I should tell you that we have finally located Kismet with Beth, Dean and the irracsible Ziggy. They are out for repairs a day’s ride away. Hit some rocks and tore up both props and gouged the bottom. Need props and fiberglass repair. Now see how everything works out? I hate it for them but it does give us a chance to catch up and do Georgian Bay and the North Channel with them if they are interested. Also it gives old Seabiscuit an opportunity to catch us as we sit here. So we will form another fleet and perhaps pick back up some of our previous group as we wander through the great frozen north.

Time for my first nap since Oswego, NY. Goodnight.