Crossing Lake Ontario…

Just a quick note to let our readers know we survived and cleared Canadian Customs around 1430 today.

The trip across began at 0500 and was predicted to be fairly easy but no-one bothered to notify Lake Ontario of this. Four hours into the ride the USCG declared a small craft advisory for the entire area and in less than an hour we were surrounded by storms. Then a squall alert was put out to the west of us. We could see it and and see lightening and winds all morning had been from the west pushing it toward us but at the last minute the wind as predicted shifted to north and blew it down past us. A lucky break for sure.

I will give you more details and pictures in the next blog but will share one picture that would frighten any sailor. This is a picture of our radar screen. Cbay and Saltie are in the dead center of the screen and the bright green ring around us is solid rain. Now that is a tough thing to see when you are forty miles from any shore.

Tomorrow we begin the Trent-Severn Canal experience with all our old friends. We have 20BUCK$, Seabatical, Why Knot, Blue Heron and several others ready to go. Great to be back among our loopmates.