Live from the Atlantic Ocean…

We left at 0630 and ran at speed for 40+ miles and lost a port engine due to overheating again. Turned and limped back 5 miles on single engine to Atlantic City and went in and anchored. Lost 3 hours effecting repairs and went back out into the Atlantic.

At this very moment 1720 we are 3 miles off the coast running at 10 mph to be sure we can get to our new destination. We will try to make Mannesquan which is just over 25 miles away. It will be after 2000 when we make it to Hoffman’s Marina. Lucky this is Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year so we can run late. We called the marina to make arrangements.

Wish us luck as this is a slow slog but the Commander whistled us up some decent weather. Hot as blue blazes though.

This will be your only blog today as I have much more work to do when we get there. This is what happens when you push a schedule on a boat. We are all fine just bored.