A short note…

Today was not an exceptionally busy day as we were in port doing laundry and chores. I say we though I am generally not allowed near the laundry. The Admiral says I have no training and she refuses to give me any.

Hope all my male readers that qualify had a Happy Fathers Day. I received a telephone call, an email and a text from each of three daughters. It is nice to be remembered.

I need to share a story that Alex told us yesterday. First he told Mimi and then he told me. I have more fun with this than I should.

It seems that when Alex was leaving the pool yesterday afternoon he had to walk across the back of the large and crowded parking lot here. Apparently he interrupted a couple between two cars. He said they were naked! I was afraid to ask too many details of a 10 year old. He is keeping a journal and we told him to write about this. He said he had to share this at school next year and putting that in might get him suspended. So Mimi suggested that he put this in a separate section that he did not have to report.

At dinner he began writing in the journal across the table from me and as an old busybody I am adept at reading upside-down. I paraphrase but it was something like this: “This section is rated R to be listened to only by age 10 and over.” The rest I did not see. Later I asked if they were young or old. He said old because the guy shaved his head. I asked if he saw the guy naked and he said no because he was standing behind the girl. So I asked if he saw her chest and he said no she had her shirt on. So then I asked if he saw her behind and he said no. Then I made the classic lawyer mistake of asking one too many questions. I asked if she was wearing a shirt and he could not see her behind and the guy was behind her then she must not have really been naked. That is when he said, “I know she was naked because I could see her front and it was all there!” Kids say the darndest things. Today he said, “I just wonder why anybody would take off their clothes like that in a parking lot anyway.” I suggested maybe they were changing out of wet swimsuits. He said they were not even at the pool. I shut up.

All our clothes are clean thanks to Jan and I cleaned the mustache off the bow of the boat since this slip made it easy to reach both sides. Alex took a chance and went back to the pool. No more naked people but he keeps his eyes pealed for any guys with a shaved head.

After a hot dog lunch onboard we caught the trolley and toured the town. That took all of 15 minutes but we did get ice cream. Then a stop at the grocery store. Jan pointed out it is actually the Bayside Grocery but they do specialize in Shur Fine products.

I also need to correct the occasion of the big celebration over in Baltimore. It is actually the 200th anniversary of the start of the War of 1812.

Now that I have set the record straight and eaten a fine pot roast supper I am going to top up the transmission fluid in the port engine and study the charts for tomorrow’s journey.