Memorial Day Pictorial

Our wheels…

We had a wonderful BBQ cookout at the lovely home of Rick and Margi of “Journey”. Darrell and Lisa from “Why Knot” joined us. Their home is right on the river across from our marina. Sorry no pictures but I was off the clock.

We took a side trip to Government Island. L’Enfant, the architect of the capital, found and purchased a quarry here to cut Aquia Stone or freestone, the material that built the Capitol and the White House. It is a dense sandstome easily shaped. The whole place is a park now.

Men were paid a pound of pork, a pound of flour and a pint of whiskey per day. I have sentenced a lot of men to jail who would have jumped at those wages and sold the flour to buy more whiskey. ūüôā

These boys were collecting bugs. The little one was crying becayse he had broken the plastic handle on his net. I offered to try and fix it, saw that the handle was hollow and found a stick to connect the two pieces. Viola! The mother was a bit apprehensive. Jan says I have got to quit approaching young boys and girls without first asking their mother. What is this poor world coming to? Well we all know the answer to that.

Fishing in a small creek. There were big fish in there. The water was clear and you could see them.

We went to Walmart again. Since I have my retirement check direct deposited to their account we try to get our money’s worth.

Back home to Cbay which is the biggest thing on the dock here. Everyone is wondering about the big cruiser sitting at the end with only a foot of water under the keel. Jan and I are wondering about that too.

Do not worry, I have not forgotten my promise to post more pictures of the National Museum of the Marine Corps but it will have to wait for a slow day. Today was not slow. Even after the return to the boat I got an unexpected workout. I moved the VHF, a project I had wanted to do for months and rewired a switch for the auxilliary depth finder. I also cut my finger but somehow it did not bleed much. I was utterly exhausted from my exploits. ( Editing note. I never did post those pictures and may try to rectify this in a 2013 blog.)