Odds and ends…

Some have commented and asked why I did not provide the answer to certain questions I posed on a whimsy. The reason is I forgot.

The duck was a Muscovy.

Bruce answered correctly that the picture was a “bride in a field”. I should have been more specific but Cynthia was more precise in her answer. She said it was a bride in a field at a pre wedding photo shoot. Just outside the frame of the picture was an entire photographic team with cameras, reflectors etc. What the photo could not display was that the bride was spoiled rotten and throwing a bit of a temper tantrum. It was hot and humid and bugs were out. She did not want to hold up her bouquet as they asked and I think it was about to end badly as we drove off. So many stories behind so many pictures never get told.

Not much to do today other than clean up a little and run to the pharmacy to refill a prescription I had forgotten about. It was only a 10 mile roundtrip by bike. Luckily they were able to call my Publix Pharmacy and get everything they needed. Rite Aid to the rescue and my heart keeps on ticking.

We are struggling with our schedule. Mostly we do not have one but because I am going on this bike ride and Alex is coming back with us, we now have to be a little better prepared in order to arrange transportation for ourselves and for Alex’s trip back home. We are working on it. I will call the fixit man later today and report back.

Last night we spent some time with the couple that owns Active Captain. That is another story altogether but this is their home port. Tonight when we gathered at Liars’ Corner they performed a couple of songs for us. Very talented people.

I include these pictures for our friend Dr. Bell. Even though he is a confirmed Ford man he will appreciate this Chevy.