Cbay enters the Mighty Potomac

Before leaving Reedville we said our goodbyes to last night’s dinner companions and watched a small boat literally overflowing with fish pass by on his way to unload the catch next door.

Yes friends, today we turned off the Chesapeake and started up the Potomac River getting ever closer to our nation’s Capitol. But before we finally arrive and park ourselves right behind the Capitol dome we will have a couple of weeks to explore this new river and all it’s wonderful little towns.

The cruise up from Reedville was fairly routine. We did pass right between a huge ship and the famous Point Smith Light. It is one of only a few screw pile lighthouses left standing on our shores. There was a model in the museum and a picture above it but here is the real thing.

The ship was the Hanjic Rostock of the Maersk Shipping Line. I wanted to hail the captain on the radio and tell him to be careful not to wake the Chairman of the Board who was sailing south about 10 miles in front of him. That big ship was running 16.4 mph and would pass them in less than an hour.

We sort of ended up by default at Port Kinsale Marina tonight. It is in a quiet tributary to the Potomac and Jan backed us right in. Once settled we did some routine chores and dined at the Moorings Restaurant on premises this evening.

The restaurant was beautiful and very spacious. Shelly was our server and bartender. Now believe it or not this was only the second Wednesday night they have been open and we were the only two customers for the whole evening. It was a shame because the food was excellent and the place was spotless.

Then tomorrow we will move for several days to another marina we were told by a local is the place to visit. It is called Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina where we will reprovision and begin rearranging things aboard to accommodate the invasion of Will and Roy Brookbank!