Two if by sea…

The marina is overflowing with boats as the Loopers begin to gather in earnest for their Rendezvous. We have elected not to attend this one due to the high cost of registration. But we are getting to renew acquaintance with so many of the people we started out with on this great journey.

Here is Wayne and Skipper. He is as big as a small Shetland pony. Not Wayne, Skipper. I have included a picture of him when we first saw him in Alabama.

We did a load of laundry this morning. I say WE because I was allowed to help. See, I was going up to the restrooms and Jan suggested I might carry the bag and if a machine was open I could start a load. I required a lot more instruction as I have no training in this field and off I went. We are now using those little Tide gel capsules so I did not have to measure anything. The process is fairly idiot proof and that is what I need. So I did start a load but was not allowed to be in on the finish.

After the clothes were back aboard we caught the ferry over to Portsmouth. This is a real bargain at 75 cents for seniors one way if you have exact change. Naturally it cost us $1.00 each because all our quarters went for laundry, but still a bargain.

Portsmouth is a neat sea town with many old homes and some cobblestone sidewalks. We had lunch at the Bier Garten German Restaurant. Very tasty but not as fine as Hollenbach’s in Sanford.

Here are some of the houses and buildings. The church is the First Baptist and a former pastor is the one who convinced Abraham Lincoln to put In God We Trust on our money.

We saw this sign advertising Duck Tacos. No I never got to eat one but I would if given a chance. I bet it would have been one of those ducks that started with an “m”. They are the juiciest ones. Anyone remember what kind they were? 

They came and pumped out the waste tank this afternoon though it was not nearly full because we use the shore whenever possible. Young William referred to it as going to the 4545 because that was the code to get in at one of the marina bathrooms.

Looks like we will shove off tomorrow if the big old Chesapeake cooperates on the weather. Going out into this thing is like going out into the ocean. The Commander says if the wind has been blowing from one direction for any length of time it gets big rollers but if the wind is shifting it will knock down potential waves and make chop. I do not think you ever get smooth. Watch the SPOT.