Believe It or Not-Part Two…

To continue the tour of Steve Rothrock’s beautiful home:

If you have time, Google Steve Rothrock and see some of the things this amazing guy has done. A quick glimpse: orphaned at an early age and raised in an orphanage, ran away at age 16 and lied about his age to join the Marines. After leaving the Marines became an itinerate worker ending up on an oil pipeline. Soon he started his own pipeline company making his first fortune. Went into the construction business and does the most beautiful restoration work you have ever seen. Has owned homes all over the world including South Africa where his home had 3 1/2 miles of beachfront on the Indian Ocean. There were giraffes in the backyard and herds of grazing animals. He presently has a castle in Scotland where he spends several months each year. He never stops moving and working. And he is the most down to earth fellow you will ever meet having never lost his humble roots. He even offered to give us the use of a vehicle, a brand new Cadillac Escalade but we already had a Honda CRV. Too bad. We may have met our most interesting character. Where is Readers’ Digest when you need them?

After the tour we were driven back to the boat and all needed a rest. young William seemed to need it more than the rest of us.

In the evening the ladies wanted to go to the Strand Theater to see a British film titled “Another Year”. It apparently won an award at the Cannes Film Festival. That should have been warning enough but we went anyway. It was not so bad but a very low budget character study of dysfunctional people. It had at least one redeeming feature. If you walked in thinking you or members of your family had problems, you could walk out feeling better about yourself. We have a Strand Theater in Marietta, GA that is restored and puts this one to shame. Apparently the name was quite common in the theater business.

Finally for the answer to the question of what this picture is.

No-one correctly answered and it’s no wonder. It is a can-dom used to keep your beverage cold. You just slip it on the bottom end of the can and roll it on. It is ribbed to make it feel good to your hand. Getting it off is a bit more difficult but it is comfortable and protects your can and your hand.