Real arrest in St. Augustine…

We left Rivers Edge Marina on the San Sebastian River at 0645 and arrived at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville at 1700. A long and interesting day that I will detail for you perhaps tomorrow. We leave in the morning for the drive home and I am too tired to recount our adventure right now. However so as not to totally disappoint my readers I will tell you a brief but true story about what happened to someone you met in these accounts yesterday.

Today we had to stop at Jacksonville Landing due to bridge problems and while sitting there I began receiving text messages. Perhaps I should mention that I did hand one of our boat cards to the daring skateboarder yesterday morning. I certainly never expected to hear from him or about him unless it would be to read that he was killed when a passing car did not see him flying through the air. But when I checked my phone there were three texts fom a number I did not recognize. The following is a verbatim exchange.

Hello Mr. Carlisle, This is Daz the skateboarder you saw yesterday. I didn’t hear much of what you said but I did remember you telling me to call you. I have to go to work now so I can’t talk. I just wanted to tell you I was arrested for skating about 15 minutes after you gave me your card. That’s why I didn’t contact you this morning. Have a wonderful day. 

I replied: I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. I did not say to call me. I said to check out my website. There are three great pictures of you on it in mid air. I will write about arrest tonight. Maybe they will let you off with a warning.

Daz replied: I’m already off cuz skateboarding is not a crime.

I replied: That is great news. To see yourself go to website and click daily log then hit religious experience. Scroll down to yourself. 

Daz replied: Awesome! Thanks for taking the pics.

Now readers who would have ever thought a chance encounter between a judge and a skateboarder would result in the skateboarder giving the judge a lesson on the law. 

In closing, I am pleased to report the winners of last night’s clock contest. Billie, Marla, Michael and Charles all correctly spotted that the four on the clock face was displayed as IIII rather than IV. Perhaps you can all tag team in the alligator match. Now I will tell you why it was that way. 

Originally IIII was the way clock dials indicated a four in Roman numerals. At some point it was changed to IV. However one person revived the tradition and all his clocks used the IIII so that anyone seeing these clocks would know he made them. This person was Thomas Alva Edison and he personally supervised the installation of two of his electronic clocks in the Ponce de Leon Hotel. So be on the lookout for any electric clock at a yard sale bearing IIII and you will have a collectible.