Museum, munchies and mullet

Still without props and in Vero Beach. Though we had some hope of getting our propellers back on today, it was not to be. So we decided to visit the local museum which turned out to be pretty nice. Though the exhibits were limited they were all well done and not to be missed.

The centerpiece exhibit was one on hyper-realism which included both sculpture and paintings. They would not let you take photographs inside so I can only show you some of the outside sculpture and try to describe the rest.

The picture of the tree is supposed to represent the movement of fog and nozzles on the tree spray mist into the air in varying patterns. To me it looked exactly like a tree that had been burned in a forest fire and is still smoldering.

In the exhibit there were statues that had been made by casting real people. They put straws up their nose so they can breathe and then dress and paint the statue so that it looks like a real person sitting or standing there. One of the museum guards was sitting on a stool and frozen in place to pretend he was part of the exhibit. He fooled a lot of people including a group of elementary school children and when he did move you could hear them scream! I sure wish I could have taken some pictures.

Afterward we rode down to the beach to pick up some postcards and I could not resist stopping in Kilwin’s for some BTE’s to go. I ordered four, two dark and two milk chocolate. The bill staggered me! It was $8.47 for four pieces of candy. That is totally decadent. I have decided not to eat them. I will freeze them and break them out to display to company.

Oops, I lied. Sorry.

Lunch was on the boat and we relaxed most of the afternoon. Then we took a dinghy ride using the new extension handle I made from the PVC pipe we bought yesterday.

While we were out under the bridge we saw a familiar sight. The Goodyear blimp was making it’s return trip from the Daytona 500 NASCAR race which lasted until 0100 this morning. Bet they are glad to be done.

Back at the boat the mullet were just churning up the water. No wonder the dolphins come here to teach their young to catch fish. You could scoop them up with your hands.

This afternoon we had cocktails with our friends Wes and Jeanie from “Miss Ruby”. They provided much needed information about our journey north as they travel from Delaware each year. Wish we could have more time with them.(Sadly, as I edit this in 2013, Wes has passed. He went easy and I guess his son has taken over “Miss Ruby”.

For dinner tonight we rode back to the beach and had baby back ribs at the Driftwood Resort. They seated us outdoors on a deck that overlooks the ocean. Waves were lapping in 50 feet away.

With luck we will be mobile by tomorrow afternoon. The props are ready and Jim at Bobby Soles must have felt sorry for us because the bill was only $480. He said I was becoming such a regular customer that he would make it up in volume work. Everyone has been so nice about trying to work with us. My mother always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and I did not always practice that in my early days but I learned a lot being a judge and try to use it every day.