Today I showed off my dinghy!

Yes, I took it out for everyone to see! No, I have not suddenly gone over the edge. After all the work repairing the motor, Jan and I finally got to use the dinghy for the first time on this trip. And it was well worth the work. More on this later.

Dr. Bell phoned this morning to say he had been to Sunday School and Church to pray for us to get a new set of spare propellers. He must have a direct line because we now have a deal working on a spare set for a reasonable price. I think we need to seriously consider this even though storing them is a pain.

Today is Sunday and Jan loves to watch her Sunday morning news and commentary programs plus CBS Sunday Morning. Once she has had her fill of these then we took of for the beach to see the town. There is a bundle of money hereabouts as the pictures will show. Many of the homes are right on the Atlantic Ocean and have servants quarters in back facing the road and the main house faces the ocean. Because the lots are a bit narrow these homes are very long. Some over 50-75 yards long if you can imagine that.

Town is filled with trendy shops, most are high dollar. We had wanted to go to the Driftwood Resort which is celebrating 75 years of operation this weekend. Started in 1937 by an amateur artist and his enterprising wife, it has been in continuous business since 1937. The original structure, which is still in use, was built totally of driftwood and has survived well. There are newer additions to this large complex. Today they had a craft fair and vendors sold their wares from tents. We had lunch at a very reasonable price in Waldo’s, named for the builder. Jan now has a souvenir coozy in pink no less.

Next we went to Kilwin’s for dessert. The one in Stuart was part of a chain. They started in Michigan. I had a BTE, Best Thing Ever, that was a chocolate, caramel and pecan turtle sprinkled with sea salt. It lived up to it’s name for sure. I hope Dr. Bundakwala is not reading this. As a type 2 diabetic he would not approve and I go see him on March 13. Life without sweets is truly not worth living. So toss a box of BTE’s in my casket as you go by.

We bought some milk at a corner market and headed back to the boat. On the way we stopped at the Vero Beach Yacht Club and made reservations to eat dinner on Tuesday. It is prime rib night.

Finally it was time to test the dinghy. And what did we discover? It performed flawlessly after all this time just hanging on the back of the boat.

We toured the mooring field and found a familiar sight. A big red boat called “Miss Ruby”. The owners are Wes and Jeanie Quigley from Newark, Delaware. They are famous in the looper world for so many reasons and taught us in a class at the 2010 Rendevous. We had a brief reunion and then we went out into the ICW to play up close with the dolphins. This place is loaded with them. Must be plenty to eat around here.

Back aboard Cbay and Jan wants to do laundry. There is a very nice one here and only 50 feet from the boat. No bikes needed this time.