Miami by bus

Sadly I must report that the bus system in Miami is not nearly as entertaining as the last bus to Marathon was. This is probably due to the fact that this was a daylight ride and with the exception of one empty half pint of cheap whiskey under the seat there does not appear to be any copious amounts of alcohol consumed on this run.

About the only real person of interest was this character who I would guess was a burned out drugged, out Vietnam era vet. He talked aloud to himself and could not sit still for long. On the ride out of Hollywood he changed bus seats at least 3 times every 5 minutes. Lucky for him and us the bus was not crowded in the morning. When we got to the transfer point he paced incessantly crossing the street in front of buses several times. Because we emptied all the institutions during the Carter era, we have left people like this at the mercy of the streets and ourselves at their mercy. Oh well, can’t save the world today.

As we got into downtown Miami the police were arresting this fellow at around 0845. What you cannot see just beyond the pickup truck is a group of about 10 middle school boys sitting in a circle with their skateboards. They seem to be either in custody or potential witnesses to the crime. So maybe the bus ride was not so dull after all.

Well just guess who we found at the Miami Boat Show. Mercy the service dog who we last saw at Rose Marina in Marco Island. And she brought her master Captain Linda with her to see the show. You just never know where you will be seen so be careful out there.

I tried to explain to Jan that it is absolutely essential to have the right personnel to attract attention to your product. These ladies were selling madical supply kits for your yacht. I noticed a number of men looking in need of medical attention in the immediate area.

Some people who want power hang two big outboards on their boat.

Someone else sees this and goes one more to better them.

Then some really jealous guy goes all out and builds the ultimate power machine with as many motors as he can fit on the back of a boat. This is 1200hp and this guy thought he was king until…

This is 1750hp on a pretty small boat. You will never see more than this unless…

…someone can find a way to mount a few of these on a small boat. This is the world’s most powerful outboard called a Seven. They are based on Cadillac’s most powerful engine and the weight of just one would sink most boats. 557hp each and you can pay extra for the see through model. 

Later, perhaps this weekend, I will try to give you a pictorial of our one day at the boat show. But for now I will just say it was overwhelming. Too much to see and too little time. We did pick up a load of charts that should get us as far as Chicago. Hauling all this back from the bus stop on bikes was a feat in itself. 

Passed many of the old hotels that were the staple of Miami in the post WWII era as we walked back to our bus stop. I found this nice lady waiting on her bus. Felt sorry for her and took her home with me.

She certainly did not want her picture taken but I insisted. The ride back to the boat was uneventful and with that I must put an end to this…

In my defense Jan made me take this picture because it was so outrageous. Tomorrow we are moving north again before barnacles grow on our hull.