Going Hollywood

You will have to wait a day or two to see Part Two, the inside view of Cbay. Instead I will catch you up on our stay in Hollywood which Jan now says is her favorite place so far. She was even getting the names of local motels on the Boardwalk so that we might come back one day.

Reprovisioning is a constant activity based on our limited transport capabilities. All purchases must be either placed in backpacks or strapped on the racks behind the seats. I try to carry the things of greater weight but Jan insists on doing her share. We have been to the nearby Publix, which is our store of choice. We also stumbled upon a local organic market where we made only a few purchases because of the exhorbitant cost. I often hear the tree huggers say that we need to end all use of pesticides and fertilizer and go strictly organic. What they do not comprehend is that most of our population would soon perish due to lack of supply. The mere cost alone would make organic unavailable to most of our people. For example we bought two nice tomatoes for nearly $6. I do not know about my readers but it will be tough for me to eat those. Jan said if she had known the price before they weighed them she would have put them back. They had better be really special when we slice them.

We have had an opportunity to ride through the neighborhoods that surround our marina and see the beautiful old homes that represent America at its best. One of the incentives to travel by water is that you only touch the shore and penetrate a short distance inland. Since real estate close to water is generally more valuable it is rarely left to decay.

On Sunday we had lunch at the beach. Winds from the cold front had kicked up the waves and few ventured out on the sand. We ate at Little Venice a quaint Italian place. It was open air but well sheltered from the wind. When we left a lone plane was trying to pull a banner upwind. I was convinced he would have to release the banner to avoid stalling but somehow he managed to keep it going.

Today we had a mission of sorts. One of my prescriptions was about to run out and we needed a Publix Pharmacy. The Publix near the boat did not have a pharmacy so we would need to ride bikes about 6 miles up to Dania Beach and travel inland. This we did at a leisurely pace and while we were there naturally we filled a backpack with supplies. On the way back it was lunch at Vedu’s where we dined on a cheeseburger and hot wings. Those were some fine wings. It is a good thing we are riding these bikes to burn off some of this food.

And to add to the calorie count we decided to have our Valentine dinner tonight at Opa!, a Greek restaurant you can see from our marina. We had fried smelt, stuffed grape leaves, eggplant spread and a hummus that was made at the table. Top this off with a belly dancer dressed in red and it all says Happy Valentines.