Doldrums in Islamorada

Sailors used to refer to areas where there was no wind to move the boat as the doldrums. Well here Islamorada we have plenty of wind but little to do. So there is consequently little to share with our readers. I feel like I will disappoint those who seek a little adventure with us each day but I will still share what we are doing.

Yesterday we thoroughly cleaned the flybridge area. The salt is relentless and we must stay ahead of it or at least try. When Jan sets out to clean something she will not let me skate by with a hit or miss job. Top to bottom it all gets done. I have to admit it looks good and it is an area where we spend all of our traveling time. 

While we were up there looking down on Seabiscuit, Bill and Pam decided to get out their dinghy. Remember I told you that they like to keep this boat looking like a period piece so the dinghy is unique. It is called a nutshell pram and is so unstable I said only a nut would get in that shell. It is a rowing boat for a quiet pond in England but not made for a choppy marina in the Keys. Soon they gave up and hauled it back up.

This morning we visited Ziggy, the African Gray onboard Kismet. These birds are fascinating and have distinct personalities. I have to remove my ballcap in her presence because she does not like them. I will try to get some pictures for you tomorrow. Did not have camera with me today.

There are a number of other looper boats here but none we are closely acquainted with so I may have to go visiting. One we do know is Duddon Pilot and if you want to read something interesting look that term up on the internet. One of their relatives was a Duddon Pilot. Very dangerous occupation in the world’s worst tidal zone.

Bill and Pam got a rental car and took Cbay and Kismet to the Winn Dixie where we really stocked up on food. Then after the groceries were all safely aboard, all six of us went to lunch at Craig’s where they claim to serve the world’s best fish sandwich so we all had one. It really was fantastic. And after lunch we went to West Marine, Advance Auto Parts and True Value Hardware. Everyone needed a few parts to complete some project. I got to ride in the cargo area of the Ford Escape but I am used to it from my time with Team Bell when we pack 7 or 8 in a Honda Pilot to go to dinner.

There has recently been a Key West Manatee inside the marina but we have yet to see it. If it does come back I hope to photograph it. The water is crystal clear here. If the wind ever calms down I may take a peek under the boat. I could stand on the bottom, hold my breath and squat down with a mask on and look directly at the props. 

By the way, you can attract Manatees by leaving a freshwater hose running in the water. They will come to drink from it. However it is a $500 fine for doing so because they do not know when to stop drinking and will make themselves sick plus the chlorine may not be good for them. Strange creatures indeed. 

Tomorrow we will see a bit more of the area and take in the new Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock movie. Until then I bid you pleasant dreams and fair seas.