We’re living large now

We are on the move again with real propellers this time. The view above is one of the bridges that connect the barrier islands in Clearwater and span a pass out to the Gulf. We left the Clearwater Yacht Club at 0930 pretty close to low tide. Probably not a good idea as we churned up a little sand leaving the inlet. Went directly to the Clearwater Municipal Marina for fuel. Took on 176.3 gallons at $731.92. Not as bad as I had expected.

The reconditioned props seem to be working fine. Will not know for sure until we can run it hard across Tampa Bay tomorrow. So far so good.

Today was a short run through narrow water. About 20 miles down to The Club at Treasure Island, which is actually on Paradise Island. 

This is a pretty little bridge as you enter the Treasure Island area. We can clear most of these Bascule bridges by just dropping our high antenna down at a 45 degree angle.

We pulled in at The Club at Treasure Island. A real ritzy place. Les the Dockmaster was so welcoming and we settled in and went to the bar for lunch. The place is beautiful. After lunch we took a tour and even the bathrooms are swanky.

This club has an interesting history. It was the Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club. They spent $27 million on a gorgeous facility but the club was member owned and very poor management caused it to go into bankruptcy. A member stepped up and bought the whole place out of bankruptcy for $5 million. Just wrote a check! Everyone thought they had been saved and he would give it back. But he knew they were poor managers of the purse so he just kept it. He changed the name and began accepting members. Has over 500 now and they are planning a big addition. May be the only individually owned yacht club in the country. They have big name entertainment here all the time. Emeril LaGasse came and served dinner for a benefit. The Isley Brothers played for the New Year party. Next week Jefferson Starship will be here. Those guys all look ancient except the girl who took Grace Slick’s place is younger. Old rockers do die but their music goes on forever.

After lunch Les took us to the laundromat where I assisted with the detergent and have a picture to prove it. That is all I did before Jan ran me out. She does not allow me to cook or do laundry as my standards are not up to hers.

So I went for a walk to see some sights. When I was 12 my family came here on vacation and many things have not changed.

I even ran into this fellow practicing his juggling while he waited on a trolley.

Tomorrow we will move down 40 miles to Marina Jack’s where 20BUCK$ is waiting. Besides at $109.50 a night just to park here we need to go ASAP. I did not ask the cost when we made the reservation. Will not make that mistake again. So I leave you with a friend I met on the dock who refuses to pay to stay here.