Its Been a Hard Day’s Night…

…and we’ve been working like a dog. Today we awoke at 0330 and left the house at 0445 to drive to Moreland, GA where the Bell and Reece Limo Service picked us up and drove us to Steinhatchee. We carried back three times as much as we took home. More on the journey and the condition of the boat after I tell you of a couple of changes. 

If you are one of my readers who logs on to the website to read the Daily Log then you may now occassionally find an incomplete blog. That will be because of the method I will be using to save my work as I write. I will post what I save until I continue writing. But if you are registered and receive these missives via email you will only receive the completed version. I suggest you all register. No-one else has access to your email address but me and I will only use it for sending you the Daily Log. Of course you should occassionally go to the main site to view the SPOT and see our moving progress. That will resume tomorrow 1/7/12 around 0900.

Now we hope you all had a great Christmas and are experiencing a Happy New Year. We had one of the best holidays we have had in years seeing all our extended family and sharing our adventure. I even had an opportunity to participate in a New Year’s Eve boat rescue on Lake Guntersville while wearing my blue suit but that is a story for another day. We rescued a 62′ Sports Fisher with a crew of 6 and fed them a steak dinner when we got them to the dock. Maybe I will find time next week to write about it.

Well I just lost over a page of text because I was not saving and accidentally hit the cancel key. It is late and I am tired. Tomorrow we head to Tarpon Springs and you will just have to wait on the story of how we found the boat. I promise I will take a nap after we get settled at Turtle Cove Marina on the Anclote River and I will catch you up on where everyone is and how we will eventually meet up again. Pleasant dreams.