Commander Gyro Screwloose a/k/a…

I promised I would tell you what happened with the weather today and who turned out to be worthy of the title “weather guru”. He is known in every port as Commander Gyro Screwloose and also known as my friend Mike Brookbank. His brother Walter tagged him with the nickname and it became famous from Dubai to Singapore. Yes, the Commander was spot on the weather. When all others were totally pessimistic about crossing today he was exactly correct in every respect. The sun came out, the waves laid down and the winds wafted calmly across the waters. Of course we were sitting at the dock. So how do we know he was right? Because we have a witness who was actually there. Remember how I told you 20BUCK$ went to Steinhatchee yesterday and that they might prove to be the smartest ones in the fleet? Well today they pulled out of Steinhatchee and ran to Tarpon Springs up on plane just like they were born to it. Tonight they are eating fabulous Greek food at my favorite restaurant and laughing at the weather.

The morning started with a bright sun and water as smooth as a baby’s behind. It stayed beautiful until mid afternoon and then begin to deteriorate just like Mike said it would. No other boat in the fleet had a better ride than today as long as they could run fast and beat the weather just like we did in Mobile Bay. Meanwhile we stayed here and cleaned all the windows and did three loads of laundry so it was not a wasted day. I rode my bike into town and visited the Historical Museum where a spry 82 year old gave me a guided tour.

We are packing our goods to take home and trying to determine which items we have not needed since we left on this trip. I may blog from time to time over the holidays but if you are craving action you will have to look elsewhere for awhile.

FLASH UPDATE: The chicken boat not only made it to Mobile but they are at Dog River even as we speak. They are planing to head east but think they may need a sailboat. You mark my words, they will reach Tarpon Springs before we do. Classic tortoise and the hare. Until next time.