Homeless in PC

I would give my kingdom for a decent WIFI connection. I apologize for the inability to post pictures.

We are still in PC waiting out the weather. It was really blowing today.

I decided to run some errands and the only method of transportation was by bus. I have not ridden a public bus, with the exception of one time from San Antonio to Houston, since college. I was dressed in my camo cargo work pants, a long sleeved T-shirt and hooded jacket. In order to carry the six fuel filters that I hoped to exchange, I had to carry a large tote bag. Picture all this standing at the bus stop and you begin to think homeless guy.

I bought a one day pass for $3 and set out on an adventure in a whole new world. Met a number of interesting people who were all very helpful to a novice who had no idea what to do. I managed to get to West Marine and NAPA. The driver even felt sorry for me and put me out at unscheduled stops so I did not have so far to walk and she told me where to wait for a pick up and when to be there. I helped a lady pick up a stroller with her toddler in it and board the bus and when the driver had an emergency and had to go to the school to get her 4 year old daughter I kept her entertained while we ran the route. I even had to go into the school to pick up the child because the mother could not leave her bus unattended. Total service is my motto.

Back at the boat I changed those last two secondary fuel filters so that chore is complete. Jan and I went to the famous Hunt’s Oyster Bar for lunch and sat at the bar. This is a local hangout with a myriad of interesting characters. One old lady sat there and ate 5 dozen raw oysters which Eddy Roy shucked as she ate. Every so often she would shout in a gravely voice, “Gimmee a beer” and never break stride.

Boats are piling up in Apalachicola and Carrabelle waiting to cross the Gulf. We hope to join them tomorrow if this wind will lay down. Check the SPOT in the morning to see if we are moving.