A yachting we will go.

First a word about typos. I really can read and write and once won a spelling bee in my far distant youth, but writing these blogs at late hours after a long day does not give much incentive to proofread. So I write them, post them and then the next day I may read them on my email. That is when I say to myself how could I make such a mistake. In high school I dropped out of typing class because I thought that I would be able to hire a secretary to do it never imagining that one day we would all be working with keyboards. I wish I had stuck with it like a lot of things in my life.

Today was a project day. Our dinghy motor quit on us yesterday in the harbor so I had to deal with that. Removed the carburator and cleaned it as best I could in the rain. It runs better but I will need to give it a more detailed job when I get to a better location to work.

I pulled all the zincs out of the main engines and they were fine. Should last all the way to Key West. These are sacrificial anodes that protect the engines’ raw water cooling system from saltwater corrosion.

By afternoon I had cabin fever and called Enterprise for a car. Then I was able to run a few errands for simple items that are hard to find such as a micro 12V indicator bulb with two threadlike wires that will tell me when the freshwater pump is switched on. 

And to end the day we went to the Fairhope Yacht Club bar for a drink. It is a gorgeous facility overlooking the harbor and the bay. We could stay there for only $10 per day but unfortunately they do not have the plug in power requirements for our boat. Theirs is a sailboat club primarily and no large powerboats are there so the largest plugs they have a 30 amp and we take 50 amp. tomorrow we go tour the local area.