Here comes the Judge!

Today we had visitors. My former collegue of 24 years, Judge Nancy Campbell, and her husband Russ drove over to see the boat and wish us well. This morning we got up early and moved the Cbay over to the fuel dock where we topped up with 82 gallons of diesel. For those of you who complain at the gas station this was $310 and that was a small fill up. I may have another heart attack when we pull in nearly empty somewhere. We also pumped out waste and had our yearly “head inspection”. No, we did not have a neurologist come aboard; Alabama requires all marine toilets be inspected for leakage annually and a sticker issued to display on the window.

A semi crisis occurred while at the fuel dock. Our friend, James Hughes, was finished pumping out waste and decided to use the water hose to wash the deck not thinking that I was filling the fuel tank on the same side and the water ran down the deck and into the fuel tank. I hollered and he stopped but not before about a cup or so of water ran down the hole. Now the worst thing you can do on a boat is to get water in your fuel tank. It was admittedly only a cup in 148 gallon tank but still it was trouble. This can stop a boat cold in the water if it gets to the injectors on the engine. I ran to the Ship’s Store and grabbed a bottle of Startron which is a fuel treatment that magically breaks up water molecules and allows them to pass through a running engine. I shock treated that tank. Later when we took the Campbells out for a “two hour tour” everything ran fine. There are also fuel and water separators that the fuel runs through that will hopefully insure the water never gets to the engine.

On our tour Russ Campbell took the wheel for the outbound leg. He is an old salt around boats and has handled much larger than Cbay. Even their dog Allie came along. It was good to have her aboard. 

There were two important calls today. Judge Robert Young from Pennsylvannia called to book passage for himself and wife Caroline perhaps on the Chesapeake and Retired Naval Commander Mike Brookbank called from Virginia to advise that he would act as High Command HQ for the Loop and keep track of weather and other hazards we might encounter. He is my age and the father of five year old twins Will and Roy. Yes, you read that right! One day I will tell the story of bringing those little premature babies home from California in six days.

Looks like things are coming together. 

Lesson learned today: never open two deck fittings on the same side of the boat at the same time.