The trip goes on

Thank all of you for your kind thoughts on the loss of our dear Daisy. We have been keeping ourselves busy with so many preparations. I think it is good therapy. You never realize how much there would be to do if you suddenly decided to close up everything and move onto a boat. I have learned that there is a new approach to business in our changing economy. Everyone wants you to merely suspend service rather than cancel it. That way they do not really lose you as a customer and their chances of getting you back are substantially improved. Also you get to keep your old phone number and do not have to disconnect all your satellite boxes. Even the Waste Management people want you to keep your can.

We are still on schedule to shove off on the 21st.

1 thought on “The trip goes on”

  1. Karen Covington-HILL

    Way to navigate your course and begin retirement with living out your dream. Most of us always say I wanna do this, I wish I could do that. When I retire I want to do something like……. Well, guys you are doing what we all say we would like to so. You both have set yourself up for success I must say you have done your homework over the past years to prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. I am sure you have heard the song ” If I had a boat” by Lyle Lovett……..This is one of my favorite songs and now I think of you both when I hear it!

    If I already didn’t know that you both were meant for each other I would be very worried! ” Two peas in a pod” is how I refer to you both as a couple” Any couple that wears matching shirts is considered “CHEEZY” but in the CBAY world it is just is a testament to how much you both love each other…….. We will miss seeing you on Thursday’s! Lucas and I will track you and keep up with you daily! We love you both very much! ” Don’t take any wooden nickels” just give some away!!!!!!! as pa-pa would say with a Karen twist added!

    We love you!
    The Hilltoper’s

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