Daisy update

Some of you have asked for an update on poor little Daisy’s condition. We are back at home making final preparations with the housesitter and the many tiny details that accomnpany such a trip. Daisy has made small improvement and for each baby step we are thankful. Clearly she is not out of the woods yet and we are fully prepared to postpone this trip if she is not fully up to it. She sleeps through the night though her breathing is still rapid and labored. Clearly there is still fluid in those lungs and we worry how long that tiny heart can stand this pounding. Her appetite is off but she is getting all sorts of special treats in an effort to keep up her strength. The biggest single task is to trick her into taking all the medicine. We have used peanut butter, ham, honey, boiled chicken¬†and liverwurst. After about one day she catches on and refuses that item even when there is no pill. Trying to poke a pill down her would likely result in some loss of digits. She has never liked anyone to touch her mouth. Oh, and she is sleeping in a heated bed.