Site set to launch 10/21/11

We are set to cast off on the biggest endeavour of our lives on 10/21/11. We will leave LGYC ready or not and head for Joe Wheeler State Park where hundreds of other loopers will be attending a four day America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association Rendevouz. We drove by vehicle last year and learned a lot. This time we will pay extra close attention as we will be on the Loop when we leave and not returning to our home port for at least a year, assuming we get back! They say no-one has ever lost their life or completely sunk their boat while on the Loop but we love a challenge. 🙂 Actually, Jan and I both completed a Captain’s Course with the Sea School out of Charleston back in March. We are eligible to apply for a Six-Pack License though we have no real need of the actual license. We went for the knowledge which we sorely needed. For the uninitiated, a Six-Pack license is NOT a license to drink a six-pak a day, but allows you to operate a vessel up to 100 tons with up to six fare paying passengers. Anyone who would pay real money to ride with us would be certifiably crazy!

So we feel that we are doing all we can to be safe while having fun. Wish us luck.